Change Your Mind About Money

Have you ever wondered why some people have limiting beliefs around money? Here are some ways to overcome them for a financially free future.

What blocks people from succeeding financially in their lives and having continued prosperity? In my years of experience as a coach, I have found that many people simply believe financial success is not a possibility for them.

This can be due to various reasons such as environmental factors, upbringing, early conditioning, gender stereotyping, family position, negative references and other unconscious barriers that prevent them from having the wealth and abundance they dream of.

Having any limiting beliefs about money will make it challenging to move through financial limitations. This is one of the reasons why some people constantly live from salary payment to the next. At their deepest, unconscious level, they don’t believe they’re capable of achieving or receiving anything better. A significant part of them honestly believes they can’t obtain financial success.

On the other hand, there are many people who have done meaningful things around improving their financial circumstances but still experience money problems. This is because they often don’t get to the ‘core’ of their issues, which usually involves a limiting belief about money.

In my experience, financial success has nothing to do with how much you make and everything to do with what is going on inside your head. Whatever personal issues you may be having will play themselves out in your personal relationship with money, so it’s important to identify any issues that may be getting in the way of your financial success.

People have several unconscious beliefs about money. Some of the more common beliefs are:

  • Lots of money is hard to earn
  • I will never be financially wealthy because this is a man’s world
  • Having too much money isn’t spiritual
  • Money is hard to manage
  • It’s too late in my life to think about getting financially rich
  • I don’t have the secret formula that is necessary to be successful
  • I can’t be successful because my parents were always broke. I inherited their genes
  • I am not brain smart; therefore I am not money smart
  • I have been classified as a ‘financial failure’ by significant people

These types of beliefs limit you personally. It is easy to convince yourself that the belief you hold is the ultimate truth. A reinforced belief can indeed seem like a truth. In reality the keys to prosperity exist within yourself. Some of the limiting beliefs developed early in life may have been created as a result of traumatic or confusing experiences in your relationship with money. How you consciously and unconsciously view the world in terms of money is generally based upon such beliefs.

Wealth is a state of mind! It is not what a person has. People who financially succeed in life hold positive beliefs about money, wealth, abundance, prosperity and themselves. They understand that wealth is entirely an internal experience.

Instead of focusing on all the possible ways to get rich, many people spend a lot of time obsessing about what they don’t have. An interesting pattern develops in which they become angry or resentful over their situation, which only serves to create more limitations and barriers in their lives.

Begin your journey towards financial success today with these 10 action exercises:

1. Identify your limiting beliefs about money.
Once you’ve identified the underlying beliefs, you can use different life and financial coaching processes to move through the obstacles, thus allowing you to see and experience all of the financial opportunities that are really available to you.

2. Choose to adopt a creative attitude in order to manifest internal prosperity. 
Tap into your creativity. By adopting a creative and positive attitude, you will be able to manifest internal prosperity by exercising your right to do so. This attitude will lead you on a path towards achieving and living an abundant life.

3. View financial success as an option.
Research indicates that the psychological difference between those who do well financially and those who don’t, have limiting beliefs about possibility. For example, many people don’t even view financial success as an option. They don’t have the capability to open themselves up to all of the possibilities that are available for achieving prosperity.

4. Change your daily routine.
Change your daily routine by doing something positively different. View your world through the eyes of prosperity and abundance, instead of lack and insufficiency.

5. Develop a strong sense of SELF.
Prosperity is a resource that flows through you. You are an instrument for prosperity. Begin to identify with the fact that you’re the one who chooses how to channel this resource. Develop the ability to believe in yourself with unwavering commitment. Your self-worth should not be equated to the amount of money you have. Money doesn’t determine who you are; it’s simply a resource. Having a strong inner sense of self is truly important. Once you start feeling better about yourself, you will become less fearful and will be open to trying something creative.

6. Set clear financial goals.
Get clear on your financial goals and begin by declaring to yourself, “This is what I want and there are several ways of achieving it”. Believe that there is something out there that will eventually work for you.

7. Don’t compare yourself with others.
Comparing your financial status with someone else may be the root of the emotional pain you are carrying. People have a natural tendency to compare themselves with their friends, family members, peers and so on. When making comparisons, you are actually making a judgment about yourself, reminding you of lack. At some level you’re unconsciously basing your identity and self-worth on external elements, thus sabotaging your own efforts at success.

You will begin to notice amazing shifts in your life when you stop comparing, because you’ll be internally referenced. This will enhance your self-worth and identity.

8. Make a list of possibilities.
Instead of thinking, ‘Oh, I’m just a………, I can’t do anything else. I’m not smart enough, I’ll never be rich,’ I urge you to think instead, ‘What is possible? What are some ways that I can achieve wealth?’ A possibility starts with a vision and then you transform its blueprint into reality.

9. Adopt a healthy state of mind.
It’s easier to get ahead in life when you’re functioning from a peaceful state of mind, as apposed to an angry, envious or resentful frame of mind. Stated succinctly: what you focus on determines what you get. Your attitudes, moods, and feelings are energetic attractors. Depression, anxiety and anger, for example, will severely limit what opportunities are available to you. Create a mindset that clearly defines that there is abundant wealth for everyone.

Strive to train your mind to attract its deepest financial desires. Identify a number of key attractors or motivators that create conditions to manifest wealth for you. These are the keys to consciously bring forth what you want. Tapping constantly into your positive internal experiences will attract more positive external experiences. Your outer experience is a projection of your inner reality.

Extraordinary success in life comes from a relentless commitment to ongoing improvement in every area of your life – and it begins with an extraordinary mindset. A vibrant, healthy mind is the foundation for achieving peak performance and fulfilment in everything you do.

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