Episode 11 – From Pain to Radical Honesty & Living The Dream with Dr Anthony Metivier

My fascinating interview with Dr Anthony Metivier, a former heavy metal band member and best-selling author of 52 books centred on memory improvement, will move you and inspire you to new heights of possibility. 

We examine practical strategies to not only survive, but thrive in life after debilitating experiences of domestic conflict, addiction, death anxiety and family suicide attempts. We investigate what it took Anthony to say YES to life. 

In this podcast we discuss various success tips such as the ‘if this… then’ system, and the importance of accountability to create systems to support your success, including the 90 day rule. 

We talk of the moment that turned his life around, when he could no longer walk from years of selfabuse, and how Anthony was able to master his mindset, be radically honest, and transform his whole life.  

Learn from a memory expert and awardwinning world champion referred to by Tony Buzan as a ‘Warrior of the Mind’ for his outstanding contributions to global mental literacy. Anthony now teaches and mentors people globally on his magnetic memory method. He advises: ‘be ALL IN to create the right dream. 

Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.  



 The Victorious Mind: How To Master Memory, Meditation and Mental Well-Being:



You Tube: Anthony Metivier https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdIwC3d4CRjrrQdaqZaNBpA 

Wellness & Wisdom for the Workplace for preventative and proactive strategies for positive mental health and growing resilience capability with Josie Thomson https://bit.ly/2RqQ5Vn

Simple Meditation For Busy People ebook/meditations download https://bit.ly/2ZAO79k

Enliven-U book of inspirations and hope https://bit.ly/35BLnwr

You Are Not Your Brain online course, for changing bad habits, ending unhealthy thinking and taking control of your life, with Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz & Josie Thomson https://bit.ly/33uiKyn

The Wise Advocate book – the inner voice of strategic leadership  https://bit.ly/2ZD4aDQ

Purposeful Pause – free online 15mins mindfulness meditation practice each Monday at midday with Josie Thomson https://josiethomson.com/pp





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