Episode 10 – Bouncing Back from Burn Out with Nicole van Hattem

This podcast interview features an effervescent, inspiring entrepreneur and business woman committed to bringing an end to premature death by burnout! Nicole Van Hattem, the youngest of 5 children from immigrant parents from Holland, learned from a young age that working hard and making a difference was what life is all about. She secured her first job at just 9yo.  


As a young woman, taking rest or prioritising self care was not modelled nor encouraged. Naturally, having a strong work ethic and defining her sense of self through her work became a pattern for living. 


That is, until a day that changed her life forever. The sudden death of a work colleague from a stress related condition coinciding with her own burnout in her corporate career, marked a turning point in Nicole’s life and set her on a course that would change thousands of people’s lives. Yet it wasn’t until after her fourth experience with burnout, that Nicole finally learned to make the time and have the courage and determination to end the cycle of burnout in her own life and live with conscious intention – not by default, and her mantra is: #It’s all about you!

This episode examines the definition of burn out, who is at risk, how to recognise the signs, and importantly, strategies to avoid it and overcome it. We explore burnout in the context of physical, emotional, psychological creative, financial and spiritual. 


We talk about how to manage the effects of burnout and prevention strategies to go from struggle and striving to living and thriving, including the critical need for self care and redefining ‘success’. 


Learn from a woman who commits her life to assisting others to avoid burnout and recover fast.  


Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.  



Top 6 tips: 

  1. #it’s all about you 
  2. Your responsibility is to you 
  3. Daily rituals set you up for success or failure for your lifetime 
  4. Set limits for best chance of balance and minimise risk factors 
  5. Have rejuvenation strategies to help recover fully in shortest time possible 
  6. Re-define ‘success’ for yourself 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolevanhattem/
Website: https://www.hotandhealthyglobal.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicolevanhattem2 

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  • Thank you so much Nicole for sharing your strategies in navigating burnout. I most certainly can relate, as I’ve been there myself, and I have definitely felt those feelings of being overwhelmed. In my case, my head space and body were screaming, you have to, and need to take time out. When I finally did, I was able to identify those internal and external stress factors like you mentioned that were negatively affecting me, and immediately set out, to cut them off. Thankfully the action brought instant relief. I also looked at what I was tuning into. In my case it was social media, so I eliminated that as well. When I was running out of steam and heading towards burnout my vision literally just went out the window. For me it became more about survival. During the podcast your golden nuggets of wisdom were, ‘It’s all about you,’ obvious to some but clearly not to me, refocusing on the life I want, not on what others want from me, and showing up, by creating the conditions most suitable for moi. I am taking it all onboard!