Episode 1 – Abandonment, surviving cancer and finding purpose with Ray Weekes

My first podcast interview features a truly heart-centred service oriented leader, father, husband, mentor, adjunct professor and business leader – Ray Weekes.

This episode examines what it takes to keep life in check, to keep your health in check, and to keep your ethical compass steady and strong.

We talk of many life themes including abandonment, resilience, leadership, fearlessness, drive, integrity and purpose.

Learn from a man who rejected bribes in his senior leadership roles, forgave his abusive father who abandoned the family when he was 3, overcame aggressive prostate cancer over a decade ago, and contributes to the lives and businesses of many around the country.

Tune in, open your mind and heart, and be inspired.

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  • Thank you for sharing your light Ray. I love your idea Josie. I listened to the podcast a couple of times, as there were many nuggets of wisdom. My biggest take away was about the adult dealing with the child. I know it’s important to understand their way of thinking, and why they may have reached, the view that they have. The easy response is to be stand offish. I know the challenge and the stretch , is to demonstrate understanding. It’s good to hear this from someone else and verbalised.

    My other take away is about the tough times in life when things are so tough, that every way you turn is negative. It has been at these times when I have sure learnt about myself and stuck to my moral and ethical compass. It certainly forces you to draw on your inner strength, your sense of self belief, your sense of self awareness and your sense of purpose. I have also learnt during these times not to dwell on negatives (no one wants to be around a negative person), to ensure I stay true to myself, to somehow find the energy to suspend concerns I may have, and to just go for opportunities when I see them. Like you Ray I also don’t like to set goals, but I do like to ensure I am moving forward. I feel a big lesson looming for me is to demonstrate to myself , that I am more than capable of dealing with my own emotions, and to advance my own interests. I feel I have done the text book work, and have the fierce emotional resolve. At some point I just need to demonstrate this to the outer world.