What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety may have multiple causes, such as your environmental factors, stress, genetics, or substance abuse. 

Fear can be triggered by external objects or situations. Our reaction to fear manifests in anxiety, an internal vague feelings that “something bad is going to happen”. Our internal, negative self-talk supports our feelings that the “worst is going to happen”.

Environmental factors that can cause anxiety include trauma, such as abuse, death of loved ones, money worries, personal relationship issues and stressors from your daily personal and professional life.

Anxiety can occur in people experiencing a medical crisis, such as a chronic or long-term illness. As the person experiences the trauma of the illness, he or she starts imagining the pain or trauma will continue or become worse.

Genetics factors can cause anxiety. Studies show that a family history of anxiety increases the chance that a person will also develop anxiety.

Anxiety can also occur with mental health problems. The problem becomes worse when substances are used to hide the underlying pain of anxiety.  When the pain of anxiety heightens, a person could experience depression or can lead to self-medication with alcohol and drugs.

With some of the awareness about anxiety, you can help prevent your every day anxiety from escalating into anxiety disorder. Remember it’s important to manage your stress, avoid alcohol and drugs, stop self-medication, adopt a regular sleep schedule, and create a healthful lifestyle.

Coaching and/or hypnosis is ideal to reduce your stress and anxiety levels.  Coaching and hypnosis can address the underlying issues. It can alleviate the hidden emotional pain and the root cause of the stress. Reducing the underlying pain helps to stop anxiety – both the severity and duration.

If you’re suffering from anxiety, you can find help. It will take an openness to talk to a coach or hypnotherapist, and a willingness and commitment to attend sessions. If you want help, contact us for information on ending anxiety today and living a joy-filled and balanced life.

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