New Times Require New Thinking

“Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” ~ Jonas Salk ~ 

As our world gets more complex, we are discovering that rational and logical ways of thinking become less effective. There is an increasing need to include intuitive thinking in the mix. Also, as we are at risk of complete overwhelm with information from the outside, we need to go inside to build more sensitivity so we can trust our own answers.

To function successfully in life, it really helps to become proficient at asking ourselves questions that yield meaningful answers. This skill can more easily be developed with lateral, rational, logical, intelligent thinking.  This is called horizontal or lateral thinking because we combine ideas that already exist within our own mind, memory and subconscious. We work with ideas we are familiar with from the past in ways we’ve been taught in school and society.

Accelerated Excellence offers many tools and programs that develop this essential horizontal thinking skill.  Our clients report that by regularly exercising their mind using lateral thinking tools, they begin to trust their ability to come up with solutions to the questions of their lives. This sensitivity to listening for answers from within will open doors more quickly to vertical thinking.

Vertical thinking involves the abstract and conceptual higher mind. It deals more with values, qualities, essences and energies than with facts. It uses more subtle correspondences that connect different levels and ideas. It aligns us with natural and universal laws and the higher purpose of ourselves and humanity.

This type of thinking requires of us greater openness, deeper sensitivity and more self trust. We are called upon to use meditation and contemplation so we may watch and allow our souls and spirit do the thinking. This opens us to higher guidance, original ideas, perfect ideals and creative imagination.

When we want to manifest something, we need to access and exercise vertical thinking. Accelerated Excellence offers creativity, intuition, meditation and awareness tools as well as many right brain journaling tips to help develop your vertical thinking.

Logic alone cannot navigate the myriad of influences that bombard us today. Explore new ways of thinking that naturally take you to a new level of living and experiencing life.

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