Are You the Leader of Your Life?

Do you call the shots in your life? Or are you led by others who lead the way, or by old habits you can’t seem to shake? 

Do you step up when it counts, or do you shy away – preferring the reassurance and direction from a significant other, or some safety blanket? 

You may not think of yourself as a leader, but we are all leaders: not least…. leaders of our own life. As a leader, be it for yourself or a team (even a family)… you have a responsibility to show up as your true and authentic self and ‘lead’ by example.

I’ve had many times when I’ve been called to step up – for myself and for others. In times of change or challenge, we can draw on skills and talents we never knew (or appreciated) we had. At all times we must be the ‘captain’ or key decision maker in our own lives.

For me, being the leader of my life means that:

– I know who I am

– I know what I stand for

– I know what my values are; and

– I intentionally go about my days in alignment with those core values.

When you have that level of certainty about yourself and about what really matters to you, decision making is simple. No longer do you sit on the fence, second guess yourself, doubt yourself or worry about making the ‘wrong’ choices.

Life is a journey of ups and downs, and this is when we grow and learn about ourselves and about life. It is in our darkest and most challenging moments that we discover our truth – that we discover who we truly are. This is the ‘gift’ I bring to all my coaching sessions – a platform for people to tune IN and discover, connect and empower their every day with the deepest sense of knowing who they are and what they stand for. I know no greater gift than that sense of personal responsibility for my own happiness as well as my unhappiness.

This is also the journey taken by my clients who undertake the ENLIVEN-U Coaching Program (self-paced, online or in one-on-one coaching). 

The program jam packed with practical tools and techniques for sustainably assuming command on your own life and re-connecting with your true self. It’s a truly transformational program and an honour for me to share my personal stories and experiences for the enablement and fulfillment of others.  

Learn more about ENLIVEN-U here

How am I focusing on being the leader of my life right now?

Each morning, after greeting the day with a ‘thank you’ for life, living and a genuine acknowledgment of the blessings of my life, I tune into my core values.

My values are: joy, truth, love, harmony, making a difference and integrity. These values are my ‘blueprint’ for living my life every day in congruence and full expression of my own truth.

We cannot change our past, our mistakes, our regrets… what we can do is live consciously in each moment to create the most fulfilling experience of life today. As a consequence of living in alignment with my values, I have certainty and authority about my choices and how and to what I commit myself and my time to.  This brings greater freedom, ease and flow to my life.

Quick check…. Are you being the leader of your life?

Answer these questions:

– What does being a leader mean to you?

– How do you lead? How do you want to lead?

– How can you begin to take greater command of your life?

– Are you ‘creating your life’ or reacting to events and letting life or others lead you?

– Who do you lead? Who looks up to you and looks for guidance and support? What are you modeling for them?

– Are you ‘leading by example?’

If you want to become the leader of your life, then I encourage you to take a look at the ENLIVEN-U Coaching Program. You will learn the 7 simple steps to put you securely in the ‘drivers seat’ of your life – to be your own leader.

Here is an overview of the 7 steps:

Step 1: Know Who You Are – the foundation. When you know who you are and what you stand for, making decisions is easy! You will walk out of this day with clarity and certainty and a clear map for making the ‘right’ decisions to create a happier life – maybe even for the first time! 

Step 2: Know What You Want – This step usually involves shifting focus from what you ‘don’t want’ to what you ‘do’ want. A significant piece of neuroscience is covered which gives understanding about how to rewire your brain for more adaptive thinking and habits. 

Step 3: Know It’s Possible – There can be a big gap between wanting something and actually believing you can have it i.e. thoughts about worthiness, fear or allowing. We create a window of possibility for a new life, a new beginning. This includes being alert to the risks of old thinking, and creating a pathway for mindset shifts with practical techniques to manage those risks, and an introduction to Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz’s work: You Are Not Your Brain (Deceptive Brain Messages) and my F.E.A.R. model 

Step 4: Pave The Way – Time to shed the old thoughts, habits and beliefs that have held you back or prevented you from living your best life. Introduction to mindfulness with other highly practical tools and tips to pave the way for a new way of creating, living and experiencing life. 

Step 5: Prioritising You – Now we make the most of the mental/emotional/physical resources you can access – we look at effective strategies for supporting what you need to sustain your new life reality. 

Step 6: Show Up and Take Action – How to step up and deliver on your desires and promises to yourself. Helps to assign a deep level of commitment to following through and valuing yourself enough to do it, and keep it going with taking personal responsibility and spirited action. Act – get into it and do things differently, implement the plan with confidence and if it takes a couple of shots, learn from it, be grateful for the learning and keep moving. 

Step 7: Attitude of Gratitude – a new beginning. Recognising and appreciating the opportunities to learn and grow and develop and strengthen ourselves for future work and service. The benefits of gratitude are still being measured but what we know so far is that this is powerful. Powerful in results neurogically, physically, emotionally, psychologically. Make it a habit.

This means living life in alignment with your true self – your deepest truth, values and desires. These will become supremely clear and you will be given a map for living a life you love.  

With Love,


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