Are You Allowing Yourself To Achieve Greatness?

So what does allowing have to do with enjoying a full, successful, healthy and happy life? Well, EVERYTHING actually!  It’s one thing to set goals or to set an intention for success in your life, but it’s an entirely other thing to ALLOW yourself to actually receive it.  Think about it.  Have you ever gotten so close to attaining something you’ve always wanted, only to back away right at the last minute?  It may have been a job promotion, an ideal relationship, an award, ideal weight, acknowledgement or achievement etc..

Allowing is the gateway to living the life you really want – it’s the key to you ultimately living the life you choose, on your terms.  Allowing is like permission to accept that which you most want in your life.  So if it’s that simple, why do we back away when we are presented with the possibility of actually having what we’ve always wanted?  Well, I’m glad you asked.

Sometimes when we get really close to our treasured goals, negative or self-limiting thoughts inch into our awareness which have us question our worthiness and deservedness.  These thoughts are simply doubts which serve to keep you in your place of comfort zone (even when this place is not comfortable at all).

One way to deal with these thoughts is to recognize them as simply being thoughts, or urges or emotional sensations – they are not you, they are just thoughts.  Thoughts come and they go.  That’s just what your brain does.  We have thousands of thoughts every single day; most of those thoughts are negative (as our brains are predisposed to have a negativity-bias to keep us ‘safe’ or to minimize threats), and most of those thoughts are the same as the ones we had the day before! How crazy is that.  If we are not aware of who is driving your life i.e. you or your brain; you could end up living a most unconscious life where you keep repeating what you’ve always done and keep getting what you’ve always got. Claim the life you desire.  

Claim the life you deserve.  Know you are worthy.  Decide today that your life is your own.  Anything is possible, if only you believe.  

This article appeared in the June 2013 edition of Connexions Magazine: 

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