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Break through the barriers that are holding you back from living your best life by attending one of Josie’s quarterly half day workshops.  In these live workshops you will learn how to take practical positive action in handling your day to day stresses, and bring balance, wholeness and joy back into your life!

If you are ready to take control of your life and live life on your own terms, TAKE ACTION NOW.

Places are limited, and seats will sell out. Register for this exclusive workshop with multi-award winning coach and inspirational trailblazer Josie Thomson. You can learn more about Josie here.

Past Attendees Speak

A lot of good content

Great presenting (I didn’t get bored!). A lot of content – was good but felt a lot to take in short time. Really enjoyed the science.

Andrew Stuttle

I still draw on the wisdom of your words

In June 2017 I had the pleasure of meeting Josie at a work seminar in Cairns and I purchased some of her books including a set of 4 fridge magnets with inspirational messages on them.

These magnets are proudly displayed on my fridge and along with her books have helped me to achieve my goals over the last 18 months.

I am now in my own home, living my own independent happy life and I still draw on the wisdom of your words.

Clare Maher


Josie was absolutely magnificent at our recent Variety Queensland’s Strategy Conference. Words cannot do justice to just how powerful and engaging her message on Resilience was to our team. It certainly does determine as to who succeeds and fails and more importantly, why! Her practical demonstrations on our thought processes and as to how we can overcome the negative and fear processes were extremely enlightening and more importantly useful.
I have had nothing but positive feedback from the team with comments such as “not only was it our best conference ever but Josie was our best ever speaker!” A huge heartfelt thank you!

David McDonald ... General Manager Radio Stations TRFM/GOLD 1242

If anyone deserves to be called a Master Coach it is Josie Thomson

I have known Josie for some six years and have had nothing but positive experiences with her. She coached me the first time we met and I was very impressed by her insight, her skill and her persistence. She has won several awards for her coaching. She has the very unusual ability to be able to complete a large number of coaching sessions in a day without tiring or fading. On the personal side she is a very good mother of two great children and her people skills are outstanding. She is also extremely bright, quick on the uptake and worldly wise, and I have no doubt that she will be an asset to the program.

Since all the things I want to say about Josie are superlatives, I thought I should add some weakness to show that my view is balanced. The truth is that I can find nothing about her to criticize. If anyone deserves to be called a Master Coach it is Josie Thomson, except she is very feminine. I have known her for many years and she has coached me on a number of occasions very successfully, and I am no push over. She is challenging, tough and persistent in the most gentle and caring way. I have grown much from working with her. Furthermore she really enjoys coaching people and devotes an inordinate amount of her time doing so without getting bored or stale. When coaches really genuinely enjoy coaching, they give of their very best and Josie does just that. I would trust her with my vulnerabilities any day.

Sir John Whitmore ... Executive Chairman, Performance Consultants International

Extremely inspirational

Josie is extremely inspirational. She really knows her stuff and clearly lives by her own teachings. I like that she is real about life not being perfect and everyone, including her, having struggles in life.

Michelle Locke

We can’t wait to put it into practice

The Senior Management Team at RSL Queensland were lucky enough to have Josie Thomson present an insightful leadership resilience workshop yesterday. Everyone learned a range of great neuroleadership techniques that we can’t wait to put into practice. A big thanks to Josie for inspiring our team!


Anyone would benefit from her smart tips and great workshop

Josie has a very practical and easy approach to self development subjects and neurosciences. She is an amazing woman and speaker and I am convinced that anyone would benefit from her smart tips and great workshop.

Aude Charmetant

From the conceptual to the very practical application

The work on ‘values’ was excellent and took me from the conceptual to the very practical application in my life! Thanks Josie.

Emee Batha

Her ability to help people achieve great things is clearly evident

I have known Josie for over 8 years, during this time I have personally benefited from having Josie as a coach and mentor.

Josie is outstanding in her professionalism and her ability to help people achieve great things is clearly evident.

In a world whereby sceptics reign, Josie continues to set the highest standards and is in high demand for her unique skillset.

I have also recommended Josie as a speaker, coach and mentor to many colleagues, all of whom have benefitted from her commitment and professionalism.

On a personal note I would not and have not hesitated to recommend Josie to businesses and executives seeking to gain improvement and development both professionally and personally.

She is without peer in my opinion.

Noel Lord ... Qld State Manager, CommSec Adviser Services

Better understanding of thinking and mindsets

Working with fixed mindsets and how to better understand their process of thinking and how to manage them and the situation better. This session would be advantageous to the regional teams for a better understanding of their mindsets.

John Camilleri

Creates a ‘safe place’ to reflect on what’s important

Josie is a person who creates a ‘safe place’ to reflect on what’s important for participants. This means she lives the values of respect, authenticity and love while imparting significant knowledge in an accessible manner.

Mark Hunter

Start changing your life for the better

Met Josie at a conference, then attended one of her workshops on the weekend. She is all love and light, and amazing to be around. Josie makes her content really easy to understand, and inspires you to move forward and start changing your life for the better.

Nicola Henderson

Meet Your Facilitator:


Josie Thomson, MCC, is a two-time cancer survivor and a multi-award winning coach with an impressive track record. She is an international speaker and integrates modern neuroscience, mindfulness practices and relational positive psychology in her worldwide coaching and workshops.

Josie was awarded International Gold Stevie Award for Maverick of the Year (Difference Maker) for 2014 and 2015, The Women In Business Coach/Mentor of the Year 2014 and 2015 Silver Award in New York City and Shanghai, and is a former Telstra Business Woman of the Year Finalist. She is the author Enliven You, and The Wise Advocate (The inner voice of strategic leadership) to be published by Columbia University Press in Fall, 2018. Josie is Ambassador for Childhood Cancer Support and is living proof that winning and succeeding in life is a mindset. Josie has completed masters studies in neuroscience and commits herself to transforming and improving the lives of others.

Having survived cancer twice, most recently a brain tumour in 2010, Josie is devoted to sharing the learnings from her experiences for the improvement in the lives of others. She supports people in overcoming their fears and self-limiting beliefs; encouraging them to connect with life and powerfully express their true and authentic selves.

In these highly interactive and transformational half day workshops, Josie will share the secrets of her success and joy for life, and the priceless wisdom she has acquired trekking through life on the road less travelled.  Developed with insight, personal experience and empathy, these weekend breakthrough workshops are the culmination of her work, direct life experience, passion and determination to lead and inspire others to live a more fulfilling, balanced, purposeful life, full of joy and success, and free from dis-ease. Expect insights. Expect breakthroughs. Expect a new beginning...