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Break through the barriers that are holding you back from living your best life by attending one of Josie’s quarterly half day workshops.  In these live workshops you will learn how to take practical positive action in handling your day to day stresses, and bring balance, wholeness and joy back into your life!

If you are ready to take control of your life and live life on your own terms, TAKE ACTION NOW.

Places are limited, and seats will sell out. Register for this exclusive workshop with multi-award winning coach and inspirational trailblazer Josie Thomson. You can learn more about Josie here.

Past Attendees Speak

I took away a lot from this presentation!

Wow so amazing that Josie has overcome what she has, studied neuroscience and now sharing very very useful tips and scientific facts!! I took away a lot from this presentation! I would love to read the white paper or book.

Women in Leadership Queensland Summit Attendee

A great ‘refresh’

A great ‘refresh’ on neuroscience at a time when I really need it. Looking forward to completing the workbook and attending the next workshop.

Lisa Phommasane

Extremely inspirational

Josie is extremely inspirational. She really knows her stuff and clearly lives by her own teachings. I like that she is real about life not being perfect and everyone, including her, having struggles in life.

Michelle Locke

Such a style leaves the audience saying to themselves “I must do it” rather than “I would like to do it”.

I have attended three presentations of Ms Thomson during which she espoused the value of “Coaching” to representatives from corporate organisations as well as interested individuals from the local communities. These presentations were to audiences ranging from forty through to four hundred attendees. Josephine has an engaging style that is inclusive for the audience by means of Josephine referencing audience members at regular intervals throughout her presentation is one of the numerous delivery techniques used. The many and varied benefits and applied philosophies of Coaching are communicated with a passion that cannot emanate from the almighty dollar.

What makes Josephine different from the many other presenters I have endured over the years is that Josie makes the content “real” and it is delivered with absolute credible belief from her heart. Such a style leaves the audience saying to themselves “I must do it” rather than “I would like to do it”. Alas therein lays Josephine’s strength and the coaching fraternity’s weakness. Josie has truly set the “Bar of Expectation” for delivery so immeasurably high for potential clients and coaches alike. I like many others who have attended her presentations and Art of Coaching training forums have been left questioning ourselves was it the content or was it the presenter who made the difference. Invariably the answer was the presenter and her natural and very "real" approach.

Murray Harris ... National Procurement, Fleet & Facilities Services Manager, Origin Energy Services Limited


The QUT School of Management was privileged to have Josie as the keynote speaker at our Gala Showcase. The event was about ‘Connections’ and Josie made a huge impact on the audience with her story of challenge, resilience and openness. Her warmth and authenticity, and willingness to share showed the audience how connections are made and kept. I recommend Josie as a speaker who can help change people’s perspectives and look forward to working with her again.

Rowena Barrett ... Professor and Head, School of Management QUT Business School

Lots of practical and applicable lessons

Josie is fun, inspirational, knowledgeable and free and open with her advice, guidance and tips to help me live my best life. Josie makes a few hours flash by in an instant and I am taking away with me today lots of practical and applicable lessons to help me get what I really want in my life.

Clare Driver

Start changing your life for the better

Met Josie at a conference, then attended one of her workshops on the weekend. She is all love and light, and amazing to be around. Josie makes her content really easy to understand, and inspires you to move forward and start changing your life for the better.

Nicola Henderson

You had the team very engaged, entertained and inspired

Firstly a big thank you Josie for facilitating a very interesting knowledge sharing workshop to our team.

I would think for many of our team this would be the first workshop they have witness where the content was key to each person individually.

You had the team very engaged, entertained and inspired.

What resonated most is the detailed description of the brain and how the different sections of the brain work simultaneously to provoke thoughts and actions.

I am sure you inspired many that you are what you think you are and that everyone has the skills to make change in their life.

Libby Baldwin ... National Marketing Manager, Richard Jay

I’m taking away a lot

I’m taking away a lot more than I arrived with. Can’t wait to try out some of this stuff on my colleagues (Liz!?). I think most of us will benefit hugely from it.

Grant Bower


Josie Thomson was recently engaged by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to speak at a special alumni function hosted by the Science and Engineering faculty. The topic of her talk was “Brain science for leaders” and from the outset she had the audience interested and engaged.

It is quite clear when you hear Josie speak why she has is a multi-award winning business coach and presenter. She is without doubt one of the most engaging and interesting speakers that I have had the privilege to listen to. When Josie speaks people want to listen. Everyone comes away a little wiser and with an appreciation of how powerful the field of brain science is. Josie’s presentation was insightful and it became apparent that with a greater understanding of how the brain works that we can all be better leaders, colleagues and family members.

I would strongly recommend Josie Thomson as a guest speaker and presenter for any corporate event. She is truly “like no other”.

Elisa Gambaro ... Industry and Alumni Engagement Officer, QUT


I have never forgotten the first time I met Josie at QUT where she presented alongside Dr Schwartz. Josie delivered a presentation in regard to the leading information technology about neuroscience which changed my life. Not only is Josie one of those very special people who dedicates her life to help others in a meaningful way... Josie walks the talk and continues to lead the way forward in neuroscience leadership & coaching practices. Josie assists others to build the resilience and self control they need to achieve to reach their full potential using her suite of neuroscience based diagnostic tools. I am now nearing the completion of my Executive Masters in Business Administration and I can see how important it is for leaders to have the right tools in order to be able to negotiate the complexity of the world today. I would encourage others to make contact with Josie. I feel certain that your life with change in many meaningful ways.

Lara R

build or dig deep

An amazing lady with true strength after set backs has used this to build or dig deep to locate her already personal strength

Women in Leadership Queensland Summit Attendee

Meet Your Facilitator:


Josie Thomson, MCC, is a two-time cancer survivor and a multi-award winning coach with an impressive track record. She is an international speaker and integrates modern neuroscience, mindfulness practices and relational positive psychology in her worldwide coaching and workshops.

Josie was awarded International Gold Stevie Award for Maverick of the Year (Difference Maker) for 2014 and 2015, The Women In Business Coach/Mentor of the Year 2014 and 2015 Silver Award in New York City and Shanghai, and is a former Telstra Business Woman of the Year Finalist. She is the author Enliven You, and The Wise Advocate (The inner voice of strategic leadership) to be published by Columbia University Press in Fall, 2018. Josie is Ambassador for Childhood Cancer Support and is living proof that winning and succeeding in life is a mindset. Josie has completed masters studies in neuroscience and commits herself to transforming and improving the lives of others.

Having survived cancer twice, most recently a brain tumour in 2010, Josie is devoted to sharing the learnings from her experiences for the improvement in the lives of others. She supports people in overcoming their fears and self-limiting beliefs; encouraging them to connect with life and powerfully express their true and authentic selves.

In these highly interactive and transformational half day workshops, Josie will share the secrets of her success and joy for life, and the priceless wisdom she has acquired trekking through life on the road less travelled.  Developed with insight, personal experience and empathy, these weekend breakthrough workshops are the culmination of her work, direct life experience, passion and determination to lead and inspire others to live a more fulfilling, balanced, purposeful life, full of joy and success, and free from dis-ease. Expect insights. Expect breakthroughs. Expect a new beginning...