Conquer your fears and build resilience for life! – Half Day Workshop

What is this workshop about?

The “Conquer your fears and build resilience for life” workshop is a unique opportunity to discover how mindfulness and positive neuroplasticity can help you experience the freedom of a fearless heart and life to transform life’s adversities into stepping stones to greater fulfilment, wellbeing and success.

This half day workshop is designed specifically for you if you are ready to:

  • turn adversity into triumph
  • regulate your emotional responses and more consciously choose your outlook and approach to life
  • understand why fear is crucial to survival
  • appreciate the importance of our basic fundamental needs for safety, satisfaction and connection
  • learn how to effectively transform fear into fear-less-nes
  • the power of thought and the power of attention to reduce the causes of bodily dis-ease and mental anxiety
  • embrace the power of life’s greatest teachers: acceptance, forgiveness, self compassion and gratitude
  • learn how to remain present, calm and centred in the face of fear and/or troubling thoughts
  • practice mindful awareness to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm to help face the fear that holds us back

Does this sound like you?
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