"It's not what happens to you that defines you, it's what you do that counts!"


About Josie Thomson

Josie Thomson is a multi-award winning coach, speaker, trainer, business owner, author and single mother of two.

Josie knows what it’s like to face the odds as a two-time cancer survivor and has proven that odds can be beaten. She speaks from first hand experience about bouncing forward with a ‘post-traumatic growth disorder’ and about how to reframe adversity into opportunities for triumph and success.

She is living proof that winning and succeeding in life is a mindset, and she teaches others how to embrace change due to their encounters with life challenges, sometimes in radically positive ways.


An avid learner, Josie has completed masters studies in neuroscience and combines 15 years of corporate experience with almost two decades of coaching to corporate executives, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Josie was awarded the International Gold Stevie Award for Maverick of the Year (Difference Maker) for 2014 and AsiaPacific in 2015; The Women in Business Coach/Mentor of the Year 2014 Silver Award in New York City, and AsiaPacific in Shanghai for 2015; and she’s a former Telstra Business Woman of the Year finalist.

She is also Ambassador for Childhood Cancer Support and Veterans 4 Youth. Josie commits herself to transforming and improving the lives of others.


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Sir John Whitmore
Coaching Industry Pioneer

"She is challenging, tough and persistent in the most gentle and caring way. I have grown much from working with her."

Karen Lenihan

"Josie delivered the presentation expertly and with authenticity. Several other fori at Charles Sturt University have requested a similar presentation."

Giving Back

As an Ambassador for Childhood Cancer Support (CCS), Josie donates $5 from each sale of her Inspirational Fridge Magnet Product.

“It’s an honour to be an Ambassador and advocate for Childhood Cancer Support. The children have fierce spirit and will against their battle with disease, they light up the world with their smiles and truly appreciate the gift of life.”

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Pain, fear and stress is a ‘conversation’. Tune in and set yourself free.
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Thankful Thursday
Never let your past dictate who you are today, but let it be part of who you will become tomorrow.  No regrets.  No looking back.  

The past is not an accurate predictor of your future, unless you’re living there. I have many reasons to panic when my body gives me pain symptoms based on my history with cancer, however, I’m aware enough to presence myself in this moment, and not allow my brain to jump to dramatic conclusions that derail the beauty of this one precious life I live.

I’ve learned to use the lessons as stepping stones to greater strength and wisdom; to hold onto life right now, seizing it with both hands and moving forward. 

Things will inevitably happen in life that will catch us off guard, unprepared. These events shock us into new levels of awareness, and eventually, understanding. 

I’ve learned the best way to navigate such occasions is to breathe mindfully, calm your mind and seek out the facts in order to ally my fears. It’s important to remember that fears are not facts. 

I’m grateful to know through my studies of neuroscience that the brain will naturally catastrophise a situation in its attempt to create a greater sense of safety or comfort. But here’s the point: there is no growth in our comfort zones. 

I’ve learned that in order to rise from our adversities, we must find the courage within ourselves to lean boldly into them, expand our perceptions, and grow better (not bitter). This isn’t easy but it’s the path we choose to grow and evolve.

I truly believe we were born to be creators, not victims, of our reality. We must act on our convictions and what we stand for.

Do what's in your heart about what's fragile in our world – whether it's an ailing elderly person next door or disaster victims across an ocean.

Ultimately, we must try to come to peace with the inevitable: all things fall apart, one way or another. Everything cracks. And yet there is something so beautiful about this part of the truth, as Leonard Cohen says much more eloquently than I can:

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in
That's how the light gets in

We have no way of knowing what lies ahead, but that’s what makes the journey even more exciting – that’s what makes life worth living. You're creating it day by day. Let’s be the change. Jx

PS: I’ve learned so much from my life experiences and various metaphysical and scientific studies that I’ve decided to host a one day online masterclass to teach and share my fundamental and practical strategies for living a fearless, empowered and joy-filled life. If you’re interested to know more, be sure to subscribe to my free monthly newsletter so you don’t miss out
A new day dawns filled with fresh possibilities of our own creation. Make yours a masterpiece.