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Live an inspired life!


Live an inspired life!


Come join my tribe!

If you love my posts on my blog and social media, you know my journey... so far. If you’re new to me, welcome! Grab a cuppa. Sit tight and read on to find out how you can join my inner tribe and how I may best support and champion you to live your best life every day.

You’re here because you’re curious. Your life is good, but you know it can be better.

Life is changing. You must too. Be supported to make the changes you need to be happier, healthier and freer to live and love life more today.

Online Course

You’re smart and capable and you value knowing you belong to a community of like-minded and spirited people from around the globe, committed to showing up each day to embrace and live life to the fullest.

You know there’s more to you that wants and seeks expression in the world.

Asking for help can be difficult – you won’t have to ask in this tribe – it is freely given.

What you get when you join my tribe

Online Course 2

Daily Posts

Each Monday I will personally write and share a detailed post on a specific topic relating to life that directly shapes your experience of your reality.  Then every other work day we will delve deeper by exploring powerful questions, making wishes, focusing on what we are grateful for and then close out each Friday with my weekly video that brings it all together.

These inspirational and thought-provoking posts are designed to raise awareness, broaden the lens on your perceptions, question some long-held narratives that may be getting in the way of living your best life, as well as give you some practical strategies for how you may apply them in your own life.

My main aim is to equip you with all you need in life to be your best self and live your best life. I want to support you to build resilience so that you can readily adapt to the many curve balls that life dishes up to us from time to time. I also want these posts to provide a safe forum in which you can explore your thinking, beliefs and ideas, and be supported by me and our tribe of like-minded seekers on the same path. 

I want you to realise your full and unique potential as the amazing individual you already are and enable you to execute the many choices you have within your reach to create the life you deeply and truly desire.


Weekly Videos

In addition to week day motivational posts I personally write, every week I will record a video tying what we have discussed during the week together.  These may also include what I'm thinking about from time to time, and are exclusively for members only, sharing my innermost thoughts and ideas for shaping and living a life you deeply love and enjoy.

I’ll teach you how to transform adversity into stepping stones for resilience (my life story!) and cover topics like confidence, relationships, mindset, resilience, reconnecting with self, lifestyle, success, purpose, neuroscience and the impact of how we think, balancing it all, self-care, loving life more, mindfulness, life strategies, overcoming fear, meaning, changing habits – and making them stick, and setting yourself free from aspects of your past that may be holding you back from living and loving life more fully, and much more!


Live Monthly Group Coaching Session

Wait! There’s more! Each month I will also gather with you online for a Facebook Live Q&A forum. You can ask me ANY question about the topics we’ve covered over the month, any challenges you may be having, or about how you can apply principles more fully and sustainably in your own life. I will personally answer your questions.

Don’t worry if you can’t make the live forums – you can pre-send your questions through and I’ll attend to questions on a first in basis.

Support Tools

You will also receive a worksheet you can use each week day to record your own thoughts and insights. This is also where you can collate your questions for the live monthly Q&A forums and for discussion in our post feeds.

Josie is more than a coach

Now more than ever leadership is under the spotlight…more is demanded and expected of those that lead. The licence to lead is one that is hard earned, where the intangibles, like trust, are more important than our technical abilities. It is what differentiates great leaders from good leaders. But this is not an easy journey but it is where you will find Josie Thomson. Josie is more than a coach that provides you with the tools to be better at what you do. She goes much deeper. She leads you to discover how you can be better at who you are; and by virtue of this you cannot help but be better at what you do and how you do it. Josie will deliver more than you expect or imagine.

Bill Petch ... Chief Executive Officer, Leukaemia Foundation


When Josie shares her story and advice in developing resilience you can't help but feel inspired. Inspired to be a better person, to believe in yourself and keep striving for the things you believe in. I do not hesitate to recommend Josie, she is a great speaker, a practical and engaging coach and an inspirational leader.

Roshelle Weir

Trust, support and a confidence that only a few top coaches can elicit

Josie Thomson is a very accomplished, skilled and knowledgeable executive coach. She has assisted me profoundly through her experience and expertise in coaching me to set better clarity of directions both in business goals and life goals.I have found Josie to be personable, industrious caring and generous with her time and advice. She is focussed strongly upon customers which bring about trust, support and a confidence that only a few top coaches can elicit.

Dr Mervyn Wilkinson ... Organisational Culture Change Management Specialist at Catalyst of Change Consulting Group

Enrol Now and Get These Additional Bonuses, FREE!

  • Members get first option to webinars, events and new products, at least 24 hours before release to general public AND a 10% discount.
  • 24/7 access to membership coaching sessions and all videos
  • Members are rewarded for high engagement and have the opportunity to go in the draw to win a 1-1 skype coaching conversation with Josie (valued at $1,100) by being actively engaged and contributing. To qualify for the draw, you make 10+ comments/month.

Join Coffee, Tea & Josie!

Coffee, Tea & Josie is my inner circle membership group where I will personally connect and communicate with my members every week day. In addition to the weekday posts I write, each week I will be creating a video for tribe members only, which will highlight some tips for reflection and applying to your own life. AND each month there will be a live Group Coaching Session to answer your questions and share practical tips to think better and live better.


As a member you'll get:

  • Daily practical and inspirational posts in my private Facebook Group
  • Weekly videos where I share tips to live a sustainably inspired life
  • Monthly Facebook live Group Coaching Session - ask anything you want and Josie will answer
  • Access to all replays
  • Ongoing surprises and first access to events, promotions and new offerings

It’s a convenient, practical and fun way to get the support you need to live the best life you CAN today. What are you waiting for?

Get Started Now

Monthly Payments of



Daily Inspiration

Personal Access to Josie in a private Facebook Group

Live sessions with Josie

Watch replays when you want

First access to events, promotions and new offerings

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