You Are Not Your Brain Online Course


Take back control of your brain.

Learn new techniques for taking control of your brain, changing bad habits & ending unhealthy thinking in this six week masterclass based on the international best-selling book ‘You Are Not Your Brain’.

You will not only learn Dr Schwartz’s revolutionary 4-step solution for changing bad habits and ending unhealthy thinking (as featured in his international best selling book of the same name), you’ll also develop new mindfulness techniques for taking control of your brain.

The 4 Steps:

  • Relabel
    Learn how to identify deceptive brain messages (unhealthy thoughts) as they happen.
  • Reframe
    Learn how to change your perception on the importance of these thoughts (it’s not ME, it’s my BRAIN!)
  • Refocus
    Learn techniques for shifting your attention to something that is positive, healthy and beneficial to you.
  • Revalue
    Learn the importance of truly understanding and believing that deceptive brain messages are not real & have little to no value to you in your life.


Say goodbye to all the negative self talk and deceptive brain messages and hello to increased productivity, confidence, performance and happiness!



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