News from Old London Town

News from Old London Town

Here’s a quick update… I’ve just completed a whirlwind trip to London and I had a blast!!!

Meeting the team for our book

I was in London to collaborate with my co-authors Art Kleiner and Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz, and here we are with Jonathan Trippett and David Lancefield regarding our impending leadership book due for publication in 2017. Lots of exciting ideas and what a magnificent place to explore our thinking.


I went to see the Sunken Cities exhibition at the British Museum and of course I could not resist the Egyptian display.


I went to see the Carol King show ‘Beautiful’ – resulted in me singing all night long. What a truly amazing talent that woman is. So much fun!!!

I enjoyed a final delightful sunny London day taking in the sights and history of Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and surrounds.

London’s weather was perfect for a long stroll to discover the many historical delights within walking distance from the Shard hotel, including the thousand year old Southwark Cathedral – the oldest gothic church building in London (the likes of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Massinger, Harvard, Bishop Andrews and Dickens are among those associated with this beautiful church).

ShakespeareTheatreThen there was the medieval ruins of Winchester Palace, and of course my favourite muse’s Globe Theatre. Oh and of course, we got some work done – fine tuning a few of the chapters of our book, and finalising a feature article for publication in September/October this year.

Pinch me. I’m feeling so blessed and sending loving blessings to all. May you remember the incredible miracle and gift you are in this world, and to my life.

This has been a truly memorable and productive 5 day trip. There will be lots to update you on soon. 


With love,




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