Take back control of your brain.

Learn new techniques for taking control of your brain, changing bad habits & ending unhealthy thinking in this 8 module self-paced masterclass series based on the international best-selling book You Are Not Your Brain.

Does this sound familiar?

"I'm often anxious or panicking because I'm so stressed."

Don't worry. You're not alone. Keep reading...

We all have those moments in life where our 'inner critic' takes over. And when it does,
it feels like we’re losing control and we’ve been kicked out of the driver’s seat.

We feel powerless because we don’t know how to make a change.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

What if we told you that you CAN take back the wheel in your life?

That you can stop the negative self talk and silence the inner critic, so you can achieve so much more, feel more confident, happy and fulfilled?

Created by two of the world’s leading authorities in coaching and neuroscience...

Dr Jeffrey M. Schwartz & Josie Thomson, MCC, created the You Are Not Your Brain Masterclass Series will help you master your grey matter.

You will not only learn Dr Schwartz’s revolutionary 4-step solution for changing bad habits and ending unhealthy thinking (as featured in his international best selling book of the same name), you'll also develop new mindfulness techniques for taking control of your brain.

Say goodbye to all the negative self talk and deceptive brain messages and hello to increased productivity, confidence, performance and happiness!


About the Presenters


Dr Jeffrey M. Schwartz

As one of the world’s leading experts in neuroplasticity and the co-founder of the NeuroLeadership field, Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz is a sought after speaker, and best selling author of 'Brain Lock' and more recently 'You Are Not Your Brain’. Dr Schwartz has been practicing mindfulness within a structured cultural tradition for over 35 years. He has sustained a formal daily practice for at least one hour every day for over 25 years.

Josie Thomson

Josie Thomson, MCC

Josie Thomson is an internationally certified master coach, a neuroleadership graduate, lifestyle author, acclaimed business woman, mum and two-time cancer survivor. As a specialist in neuroleadership, change and resilience, Josie partners with her clients to achieve sustainable change and breakthrough business/lifestyle results.

What you'll learn:

These 4-steps were developed by Dr Schwartz initially in his work with OCD patients and have since been adopted by millions of health practitioners in their work and people in their lives through Dr Schwartz’s best sellers: ‘You Are NOT Your Brain’ and ‘Brain Lock’.

    • Relabel
      Learn how to identify deceptive brain messages (unhealthy thoughts) as they happen.
    • Reframe
      Learn how to change your perception on the importance of these thoughts (it’s not ME, it’s my BRAIN!)
    • Refocus
      Learn techniques for shifting your attention to something that is positive, healthy and beneficial to you.
    • Revalue
      Learn the importance of truly understanding and believing that deceptive brain messages are not real & have little to no value to you in your life.
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You'll also learn:

    • What deceptive brain messages are, how to identify them as they occur and tips for handling them effectively.
    • How you can manage negative self talk by using attention, focus and mindfulness to think more positively and intentionally.
    • Simple meditation and mindfulness techniques that you can use immediately to keep cool under pressure.
    • Free Will vs. Free Won’t and how to exercise your veto power!
    • What the 4 steps are in depth and how you can start using them in your everyday life to change bad habits and put an end to unhealthy thinking.

8 modules of videos and resources delivered in a private member's area easily accessible 24/7 on a phone, tablet or computer.

$397 AUD

Our Students Speak

Found my life purpose

You have had so much loss this year and I feel for you. You've helped me more than you probably realise. I saw you at the end of 2014 shortly before hubby and I made the decision to stop fertility treatment. I gained such clarity from our session. Since then I've grown, come to acceptance and found my life purpose. You've inspired me and I now a beginner coach! Thank you Josie x

Maria Roney

We can’t wait to put it into practice

The Senior Management Team at RSL Queensland were lucky enough to have Josie Thomson present an insightful leadership resilience workshop yesterday. Everyone learned a range of great neuroleadership techniques that we can’t wait to put into practice. A big thanks to Josie for inspiring our team!



They say that ‘happiness is a state of mind’ and it is something that always resonated with me intuitively, but how to enter it - I had no idea.

Through the introduction of a number of tools and techniques, some a bit uncomfortable to use and some a little strange, Josie set me on the path to find and occupy a new state of mind.

It was not an easy journey to commence, and of course it will continue for a lifetime, but Josie has been the most inspirational, informative and supportive guide. She has motivated me to want to be better and has shown me how to be. I am now more forgiving, more compassionate and less judging of myself which allows me to be all of those things towards my children, my partner, my friends and even complete strangers.

The shift has been quite subtle but the results powerful and profound as my life is somehow simpler, richer and happier too. Thank you Josie, you truly are amazing!!

Sam Barrett ... Manager, Operations Quality and Compliance, Q Super Group