RECREATE your life from the inside out

Life is an initiation and experience of many ‘seasons.’ After a period of extended introspection and reflection that Winter brings, the season of Spring is typically a time to celebrate new beginnings, new life and fresh starts... to RECREATE yourself and possibilities for your future.

In order to give you some tools to truly embrace the new beginnings offered to you with changes of seasons, I created this online experience called: RECREATE - From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs.

This is an invitation to leave behind what no longer serves you - old habits, patterns, beliefs, inner narratives etc. that keep you small or stuck or suffering, and to learn to open your mind, your heart and your arms more fully to embrace what’s waiting for you… your expanded joy, happiness, authenticity and bigger brighter future.

I know what it takes to shake the shackles off your feet so you can dance in the rain and sunshine of life. I know how debilitating fear, trauma, anxiety, pain and grief can be. I've been there too... and survived. And so will you!

I also know how to free you from the grips of darkness and anxiety, and step into a more empowered, happy and grace-filled life. I share lessons learned from another recent health challenge, and how it has propelled me now to reshape and RECREATE my routines and daily practices to align with where my heart is guiding me to go.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll get:

What you can expect:

  • Practical ways to reframe your trails and challenges as opportunities to learn and grow
  • How to fall in love with yourself and no longer be defined by your past or trauma
  • The power of attention as a magnet for what you focus on
  • How dis-ease was my greatest teacher
  • How to become greater than the circumstances of your life
  • How to offer yourself love as authentic compassionate attention begins to feel more natural, long lasting, and supportive
  • Guided meditation practices for healing and stepping fully into your life with greater appreciation and gratitude
  • Enjoy a wondrous 'sound bath' of the russian tongue drum
  • Enjoy an inspirational poem: from ‘broken to becoming’ all you were created to be

ONLY $49

About your host:

Josie Thomson is a certified mindfulness meditation and MBSR facilitator and has maintained her own meditation practice for over 20 years. She is a 3-time cancer survivor and has completed masters studies in Neuroscience, and Trauma-Informed Mindfulness for Helping Professionals: Resiliency in the face of Burnout, COVID, and Trauma. Josie works professionally with people as an executive coach to take charge of their life in an empowered and more consciously designed way. She draws from her own experiences with struggle and adversity, as well as diverse formal studies founded in science and healing modalities. Josie is passionate about living with gratitude and joy each day, celebrating and fully living a heart-centred life.

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"When you learn to explore deeply, you uncover your true power and gifts and you are able to find meaning in your past failings. This is when you begin to believe in yourself again and that is when you become powerful beyond belief."

"A big thank you for your wonderful RECREATE – from breakdowns to breakthroughs webinar session. It was powerful, insightful and extremely valuable. It had quite an impact on me. I’ve been working on the marvellous lessons that you revealed."

Ray Weekes,
CEO Institute

"My wife and I recently attended Josie’s Recreate event. The profound insights and Josie’s deeply personal reflections made it both engaging and rewarding for us both. If that wasn’t enough the event finished off with this amazing mediative sound bath that left us feeling both relaxed and euphoric. Simply beautiful! Thanks JT."

Leigh Tyson, CEO