Deep Relaxation & Mindfulness Meditation

Every Monday in May

with Josie Thomson, MCC

There are many triggers that can initiate an immune response, but one is common and often ignored - STRESS.

Our body was designed to predominantly be in a rest and digest state, not fright, fight or flight. Yet many of us are walking around in this state of ‘emergency’ unable to heal while our bodies are on full alert for threats in our environment.

We also live in an age in which we suffer from an epidemic of anxiety. This dis-stress has an incalculable impact on our life, our happiness and our relationships.

Traditional bio-medical approaches typically suggest that the best we can do is develop coping techniques to better manage our distress - often with the assistance of medications.

This belief is outdated and damaging.


You can learn to transcend your anxiety and live the life you long for.

Join Josie Thomson, neuroscience of resilience expert, two time cancer survivor, and author of Enliven-U and The Wise Advocate as she shares methods for living more peace-fully, fearlessly and resiliently - based upon direct life experience, formal studies in mindfulness and meditation, and research and therapy practices she has developed over almost three decades of personal mindfulness meditation practice and professional coaching.

In these gatherings you'll learn how to:

  • Release the grip of old beliefs, trauma and thoughts that constrain you
  • Calm your mind
  • Reduce and manage stress, anxiety, depression and worry
  • Develop a mastery of your thinking
  • Attain a powerful and authentic self-esteem
  • Feel connected to yourself and others
  • Embrace uncertainty to ride the waves of your change process · Release excessive analysing and dread of making mistakes
  • Live a more grace-filled life

"The most intimate and impactful relationship you will ever have is not with your parents, your partner, or your children. The relationship that will impact you far more than any other is with your thoughts. They are your constant companion. You can learn to make them your best ally."

The Possibility Principle

Turn your world into one where health and wellbeing comes naturally.

You don’t want to live longer with dis-ease. You want to live longer with the best quality of life you can have. It is possible to improve your health.

Nurture and nourish your whole self and find balance and ease in your life.


If that isn’t enough, there are more, many more reasons to attend.

Here are a few to inspire you:

  • Take a much needed break
  • Find spiritual inspiration
  • Learn to calm the mind and relax the body
  • Establish a firm foundation and a regular routine for your meditation practice
  • Learn how to make meditation a part of your daily life
  • Learn the tools you need to live a more healthy, balanced life
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Find deep inner-peace, satisfaction and lasting happiness
  • Get a new perspective on life
  • Refresh, restore and re-energise
  • Hang out with like-minded people and meet new friends
  • Relax and chill
  • Learn practical resilience strategies
  • Get motivated to make positive changes in your life

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Each session includes a discussion, practical meditation practice and Q&A with Josie.

Where: Zoom (link will be sent upon registration)
When: Mondays in May 2020 – 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th May
AEST 7.30-8.30pm
Investment: $25 per session

There is a room within your heart. Calm, still, expansive, quiet. There is beauty. There is no noise, fear or failure, no judgement. There is colour, sound and a smile. Join Josie to take a tour.

Let’s create more peace and calm in the world together, from the inside out. Save your seat now. 

I hope you’ll join me,



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