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When you know how to COMMUNICATE your offering with integrity, ATTRACT the right prospects, and CONVERT those prospects to happy clients, you will have all the tools necessary to grow and sustain your coaching practice to be the successful coaching practice you dream of and deserve.

All materials are designed to help you with those three elements, using proven strategies and tools you can implement right away.

Increase your income, work when and where and how you want, progress remarkable results for your clients... and live a life of immense personal freedom.

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Outline of Course


WEBINAR 1: Orientation – Get Set Up And Organised For Success

Business Foundations

  • Your Vision
  • Your WHY
  • Business Plan Blueprint
  • Communicating

: Vital Ingredients

  • Your Target Market
  • Networking
  • Blocks
  • Mindset
  • Research

WEBINAR 4: Action Stations

  • Successful Marketing
  • Success Strategies
  • Client Referrals And Testimonials
  • Working With The Media
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Go For It!

: The Secrets Of My Success

  • Clarify Definition Of Coaching
  • Neuroscience For Coaches
  • BEing Goals
  • Brand YOU!
  • Celebrate
  • Meditate

: Sustainable Practice

  • Whole Program Q&A
  • Client Retention Strategies

6 x 90-minute zoom live fortnightly zoom webinars

10am – 11.30am AEST (Brisbane Time)

Fortnightly: 3rd & 17th September, 1st, 15th & 29th October, 12th November 2020

ICF CCEU Approved - Core Competencies 2, Resource Development 9

Why Listen To Josie?

Josie Thomson’s reputation as a masterful and multi-award winning global executive coach is legendary. She has successfully grown and sustained her own 6-figure coaching practice for 2 decades.

Since 2001, Josie has been the go-to coach for executives and leaders around the globe who want to transcend limits to their ultimate and full creative expression. She was Sir John Whitmore's life coach for over a decade. Josie has trained hundreds of coaches around the world and is passionate about advancing the field of coaching and enabling coaches to make a bigger, meaningful difference whilst creating a lifestyle of great fulfilment.

Combining her masters studies in neuroscience and a professional track record in coaching that speaks for itself, Josie has presented to audiences across the globe, including at 9 ICF international conferences, national television and radio programs. She has also shared the stage with the likes of Wayne Dyer, Brene Brown and The Dalai Lama.

This highly experiential series will be jam packed with practical worksheets and success tips from Josie’s personal experience in building and sustaining a world-class successful coaching practice since 2001. If you’re serious about building or sustaining a successful coaching business, BOOK NOW!


The Group Supervision Experience

As part of this program you have the option of engaging in 3 x monthly Group Supervision Experience. These sessions are held via zoom and facilitated by a very experienced PCC coach, Zsofia Juhasz. Through attending these sessions, coaches will have:

  • The opportunity to experience coach supervision
  • Access to the benefits of supervision in a group setting
  • An opportunity to connect with other coaches and share our practice
  • A setting in which client work and ethical issues can be explored
  • The chance to work with a highly experienced Supervisor who hosts the call

The sessions last for 90 minutes with a maximum of six participants. These Supervision Experience sessions are designed to offer coaches a taste of what supervision is like and what can be gained from participating in it.

Sessions for supervision are: 24th September, 22nd October, 26th November, 10th December

About Your Supervisor


With a background in corporate Human Resource Management, Zsofia Juhasz worked for over 12 years at AstraZeneca and The Walt Disney Company.

She has extensive experience in culture change initiatives, integrating teams after merger and acquisition, initiating learning and development needs, and team effectiveness projects.

Zsofia’s corporate coaching experience started in 2004 as an internal coach. She has since worked with a variety of organizational clients. She partners with her clients to design objectives that align directly with corporate goals and long-term objectives.

Zsofia has been involved in leadership roles at ICF Australasia Queensland Branch since 2014, initially as Membership and Social Media Coordinator and for 3 years served as President for the Queensland Branch.

At a global level, she has been involved in the ICF Global Nominating Committee since 2018, selection of the Circle of Distinction inductees in 2019, and selecting high performing Chapters in 2017.

Zsofia Juhasz is a Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) with almost 2000 coaching hours under her belt, and completed formal coaching supervision training in 2018. Zsofia supports coaches in collaborative learning practice to continually build the capacity for coaching excellence and success.

Coaching Supervision focuses on the development of the coach’s capacity through offering a richer and broader opportunity for support and development. It’s a safe environment for coaches to share their successes and developmental needs in becoming masterful in the way they work with their clients.

Coaching supervision
may include the following:

  • Exploring the coach’s internal process through reflective practice
  • Reviewing the coaching agreement and any other psychological or physical contacts, both implicit and explicit
  • Uncovering blind spots
  • Ethical issues
  • Ensuring the coach is “fit for purpose” and perhaps offering accountability
  • Looking at all aspects of the coach and client’s environment for opportunities for growth in the system

Key benefits for coaches receiving
coaching supervision are:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Greater confidence
  • Increased objectivity
  • Heightened sense of belonging
  • Reduced feelings of isolation
  • Increases resourcefulness
  • Additional valuable CCEU credits

ICF Credential-holders may submit up to 10 hours of Coaching Supervision as Core Competency Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units toward their credential renewal – both group and 1-1.


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*Payment plans are paid fortnightly

Module Overview

WEBINAR 1: Orientation – Get Set Up And Organised For Success

  • Scenario setting for your coaching practice
  • Planning and organization
  • Your goals for this program
  • Purposes of complimentary/trial sessions

We will begin to check in on your mindset and any limiting beliefs you may be operating with.  Importantly, Josie will demonstrate a very powerful way of reframing these self defeating thoughts.

Note: this program is designed to increase your skill on two levels: firstly, in giving you support, tools and ideas in order to build your own successful coaching practice, and secondly, to give you the same range of skill when working with clients in this area.

And a final note to say that this course is designed to give you the ideas – the application of those is up to you!


WEBINAR 2: Business Foundations

  • Your Vision
  • Your WHY
  • Business Plan Blueprint
  • Communicating authentically and confidently
  • Whose life are you improving?
  • Your specific offerings

You know where you are now. You know you have a uniqueness and gift to share with the world. But where do you want to take your practice?


WEBINAR 3: Vital Ingredients – Expand Possibilities

  • Defining your target market
  • Top 6 marketing tools
  • Effective networking approaches and communicating
  • Essential elements and converting complimentary sessions
  • Blocks – getting out of your own way
  • Mindset and attitude for success
  • Targeting your efforts and research

Now you know who you are as a coach, where you want your business to be and, it’s time to look at how to effectively connect with and reach your ideal clients. Let’s get the party started!


WEBINAR 4: Strategies For Success - Action Stations

  • Case studies from successful coaches
  • Successful sales and marketing strategies
  • Speaking about coaching powerfully
  • Pricing your coaching offerings
  • The power of client referrals and testimonials
  • Working with the media – writing a press release
  • Strategic alliances and social media strategies
  • Amplify! Go for it!

As coaches we know we are ahead of the game when we create a clear plan and targets. So this session is all about getting serious on choosing marketing strategies and tools to build your coaching practice.


WEBINAR 5: The Secrets Of My Success – Introduction to Brain-Based Coaching

  • Clarify definition of coaching
  • Essential neuroscience for coaches
  • The importance of being coached, ICF accreditation, and coaching supervision
  • Good to great goal setting and demo/practice (from DOing/HAVing to BEing)
  • Your brand. BE YOU!!
  • Celebrate. Meditate. Self care. Keeping the balance. GreenX7

In this final session we will look at success strategies that have worked for me!!  I’ll share what worked, what didn’t work and importantly, I’ll be sharing ‘neuroscience 1.01’ that I believe all coaches should know to coach most effectively and deliver empowering outcomes effectively for sustainable results.


WEBINAR 6: Sustainable Practice and Q&A Open Forum with Josie Thomson, MCC

  • Whole Program Q&A
  • Client Retention Strategies

In this final session we review all content and answer questions to ensure participants feel clear, confident and courageous in taking bold steps to build and sustain their own successful coaching practice.

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*Payment plans are paid fortnightly


For your security and peace of mind, all of our courses include a hassle free refund policy. If you are unhappy with our course for any reason, we will refund your purchase.