DOWNLOAD: The Seven Stages of Strategic Leadership

How to build the mental habits that enable you to make a living while making a better world.

"Strategic leadership is the ability to handle complex problems for which there is no obvious short-term solution, in which the stakes are high, and in which influencing others is essential.

In our work with neuroscience and organizational research, we’ve found that some people become more skilled in this area over the course of their career. They explicitly develop adaptive habits that make this kind of leadership possible, taking advantage of an aspect of the human mind and brain known as self-directed neuroplasticity.

The deliberate, repeated focus of attention rewires and strengthens certain brain circuits, and in this way, people can build their capacity as strategic leaders."

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Josie is one of the most experienced and multi-award winning neuroscience and mindfulness coaches in Australia. She is an international speaker, business owner, author and two time cancer survivor. Josie is living proof that winning and succeeding in life is a mindset. Having completed masters studies in neuroscience, she has trained and studied with some of the best in the world both in terms of the neuroscience behind mindfulness and also traditional Buddhist and Hindu teachers. Josie commits herself to transforming and improving the lives of others. Her trainings are empirically researched and proven to achieve clear, strong, positive and sustainable results.