Why so negative? Understanding and managing the brain’s negativity bias.

Thursday, 15th August, 2019
1.00pm – 1.35pm (Brisbane, Australia)

Would you like to learn how to take charge and stop letting your brain ‘be the boss’ of you?

The brain’s tendency to be negative or pessimistic is automatic. It’s primal and was built for survival. In our modern times, this inner alarm system is set off by anything we perceive as a ‘threat’. The problem is: there’s way too many threats for many people to live a positive or happy life.

With masters studies in neuroscience under my belt, and 19 years coaching experience to draw from, you will:

  • Learn how to tame those automatic triggers to react.
  • Learn how to ‘calm your farm’ in seconds for greater clarity of mind, emotional control and wiser decision making.
  • Learn the important distinction between the mind and the brain.
  • Learn to take charge of your brain with 4 basic steps, and a daily practice that will strengthen your capacity to live more positively and adaptively each day.

Join me on this FREE webinar and let me show you how you can be in control, take charge and stop letting your brain ‘be the boss’.

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