The What & Why Of Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching has been used for decades in the sports world to turn gifted athletes into champions. This process is now used in the business (and wider) world as a progressive development tool to help people maximise their potential while maintaining or improving their quality of life.

In the coaching partnership, the coach takes on a combination of four distinct roles:

As a MENTOR the coach believes in you and helps you to create a vision of what it is you want to achieve and to clarify where you want to go.

As a MANAGER the coach increases accountability, insisting on strategies and actions to move you towards achieving your goals. They will help you to establish measurable targets and to monitor your progress along the way.

As a PERSONAL TRAINER the coach keeps you moving forward whilst remaining focused on the goals. Together you identify any obstacles and develop strategies for overcoming them. As a personal trainer your coach will keep you stretched as well as focused.

And finally, as a SPORTS COACH your coach notices the little details and supports improvement and perfection. They help you refine your game to get the result you want. 

Why Coaching?

Today’s world requires us to do more with less resources, in less time. We are more often required to adapt to new situations and changing demands. I.e. the changing role of leadership now requires more effective people skills than ever before. People are juggling multiple roles, increasing demands, while trying to have more satisfying lives.

Coaching is solutions focused. A forward moving, action-oriented process which provides an opportunity for individuals to pause, reflect and review where they are heading. It provides individual attention, is consistent and increases accountability.

More and more data and statistics are available as coaching is applied more frequently.

Coaching is consistent and increases accountability

  • Keeps you on track and focused
  • Ensures forward moving action
  • Prevents people from falling back into non-helpful behaviours
  • Minimises procrastination and gets things done
  • Learning and Development are accelerated

Coaching focuses on solutions and results

  • Provides individual attention and is empowering and enabling
  • Coaching clients soon have more clarity, more passion, are more powerful (strong, confident)
  • More in action rather than feeling stuck or helpless
  • Individuals are more capable of doing whatever they want to do – fulfilling their dreams

Coaching is an opportunity to pause, reflect and review – which is something we rarely do otherwise

  • It helps us to see unseen possibilities and move beyond perceived limits
  • People feel less overwhelmed
  • Clearer about what they really want, their vision and values
  • Helps you set better goals and make better decisions