Simple Meditation CD & Audiobook


Not only is meditation recognized as a super-effective “brain tool,” many people report amazing positive results using meditation for specific health related problems including ADD, chronic fatigue, traumatic brain injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, the treatment of addictions, and several others.

Included are two guided 4-minute meditations (one in a female voice, one in a male voice), two additional meditation music tracks and an audio book. Narrated by Josie herself.



When you use Simple Meditation For Busy People, you’ll:

  • Easily reach states of super-deep meditation – even the very first time
  • Accelerate your mental, emotional & spiritual growth, giving you results you thought you were supposed to get from meditation
  • Heal emotional trauma, even if other methods haven’t worked
  • Stimulate production of neurochemicals associated with longevity, well-being, and better health
  • Dramatically raise your threshold for stress
  • Increase your self-awareness, inner peace, and happiness

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