PRISM Brain Mapping

Written by Josie Thomson on April 3, 2014

My colleague, Tiffany Gray has introduced a neuroscience based profiling tool to Australia from the UK called PRISM Brain Mapping. 

PRISM is a scientifically validated tool (validated at Stanford) that was developed using the latest neuroscience research. It is a fantastic tool that enables us to become aware of how we are ‘wired’ so we can make informed choices about how we impact on ourselves and also others.

I was recently accredited in PRISM and recommend it as a development tool for people coaching, leading and developing others. 

In the accreditation training you will learn: 

  • An introduction to neuroscience
  • The PRISM Model of human behavior and how it applies to the brain
  • How to confidently debrief PRISM profiles
  • How to apply PRISM to business applications

There are 5 accreditations coming up in the next couple of months. If you would like to become accredited please get in touch with Tiffany and let her know that I referred you, she will give you a bonus of 100 credits to help get your PRISM coaching and development started! 

Find out more and register here

Interested in completing a PRISM Brain Profile yourself?

Contact me to discuss

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