A Brain Based Approach

A Brain-based Approach to Coaching

Ever wondered why change is so hard? 

Neuroscience has been gaining increasing attention in recent years and is providing some real clues about why change is so difficult based on a greater understanding of how our brains work.

Our brains are wonderful things, but they can get in the way of reaching our potential if we don’t have an awareness of what’s happening in there. The truth is, our brains are wired to protect us from danger. Big change can create a great deal of uncertainty and uncertainty to the brain is a perceived danger. 

This is why we can sometimes get ‘stuck’ where we are. Our brains would much rather stick to what it knows and protect you than put itself and you at risk by taking a chance on change. 

Having a coach to support you make the changes you want dampens down the threat response that naturally happens when we think about change and transition. 

And having a coach who applies a neuroscience-based approach will help you to learn what’s happening, develop an understanding and awareness of the amazing potential and limitations of our brains so you can navigate around obstacles and move forward towards your desired outcome.