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Written by Josie Thomson on March 31, 2014

“I have attended three presentations of Ms Thomson during which she espoused the value of “Coaching” to representatives from corporate organisations as well as interested individuals from the local communities. These presentations were to audiences ranging from forty through to four hundred attendees.

Josie has an engaging style that is inclusive for the audience by means of Josie referencing audience members at regular intervals throughout her presentation is one of the numerous delivery techniques used. The many and varied benefits and applied philosophies of Coaching are communicated with a passion that cannot emanate from the almighty dollar.

What makes Josie different from the many other presenters I have endured over the years is that Josie makes the content “real” and it is delivered with absolute credible belief from her heart. Such a style leaves the audience saying to themselves “I must do it” rather than “I would like to do it”.

Alas therein lays Josie’s strength and the coaching fraternity’s weakness. Josie has truly set the “Bar of Expectation” for delivery so immeasurably high for potential clients and coaches alike. I like many others who have attended her presentations and Art of Coaching training forums have been left questioning ourselves was it the content or was it the presenter who made the difference. Invariably the answer was the presenter and her natural and very “real “approach.”

Murray Harris Manager Corporate Procurement and Fleet Services, Origin Energy Services Limited March 31, 2014

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Josie Thomson is a multi-award winning executive coach, international speaker, trainer and workshop facilitator. Specialising in the areas of resilience, change and mindset, Josie is one of the few internationally certified master coaches in Australasia (MCC). Learn more here: http://josiethomson.com/about-josie/

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