News from Old London Town

Written by Josie Thomson on July 19, 2016

News from Old London Town

Here’s a quick update… I’ve just completed a whirlwind trip to London and I had a blast!!!

I was in London to collaborate with my co-authors Art Kleiner and Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz, and here we are with Jonathan Trippett and David Lancefield regarding our impending leadership book due for publication in 2017. Lots of exciting ideas and what a magnificent place to explore our thinking.


I went to see the Sunken Cities exhibition at the British

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What are we missing out on when we rush?

Written by Josie Thomson on June 20, 2016

There seems to be one speed with which the world is operating: RUSH. “Rush hour’ has become our way of life. We rush our food. We rush our conversations. We rush our leisure. We rush our intimacy. We rush our fitness. We rush our driving. We rush our work. We rush our time out. We even rush our rest. WTF?!

What effect is Rushing having on you?

I’m am especially reminded of this as deadlines approach like holiday time or the end

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ABC Radio: How To Train Your Brain & Change The Way You Think

Written by Josie Thomson on October 30, 2015
ABC Radio Interview with Steve Austin

The way you think, feel and act can be controlled by your brain.

So can you change your brain? The actual way your brain works and controls you?

According to Josie Thomson and Dr Jeffrey Schwartz, the answer is yes.

Dr Jeffrey Schwartz & I were privileged to be interviewed by Steve Austin from ABC Radio yesterday. If you missed it, you can listen to it on Soundcloud using the embedded player below.

Interested in learning more about the brain?

Take control of your brain, change

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Written by Josie Thomson on April 22, 2015

Josie Thomson was today named the winner of a two Stevie® Awards in the Management category in the second annual Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards.

GOLD STEVIE® AWARD for Maverick of the Year and SILVER STEVIE® AWARD for Women of the Year, both awards are in recognition of Josie’s impact and ability to affect the most positive change in her industry.

Josie Thomson is a change, resilience and mindset expert. She holds an impressive track record in inspirational public speaking, corporate workshops and executive coaching. She is a

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Channel 10 Interview

Written by Josie Thomson on April 27, 2014

In February 2014, I was featured on Studio10 You. Here I share my story of personal resilience, overcoming cancer twice throughout my life. Friends and colleagues from overseas were unable to see this on the Channel 10 website, so I’m sharing it here now. EnJOY!

PRISM Brain Mapping

Written by Josie Thomson on April 3, 2014

My colleague, Tiffany Gray has introduced a neuroscience based profiling tool to Australia from the UK called PRISM Brain Mapping. 

PRISM is a scientifically validated tool (validated at Stanford) that was developed using the latest neuroscience research. It is a fantastic tool that enables us to become aware of how we are ‘wired’ so we can make informed choices about how we impact on ourselves and also others.

I was recently accredited in PRISM and recommend it as a development tool for

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You Are Not Your Brain: Webinar Recording Available

Written by Josie Thomson on March 22, 2014

Did you miss the webinar that I ran with Dr Jeffrey M. Schwartz this week? Well, I have great news! We recorded the webinar and it’s available for you to watch right here.

If you have any questions, please email us here. Enjoy!

 Ready to join us for the Masterclass?

“I constantly over-think problems or worry about things that don’t even happen!”

“I expect way too much from myself (and others)!”

“I’m often anxious or panicking because I’m so stressed!”

“I’m my own worst

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The Power is in the Focus

Written by Josie Thomson on March 14, 2014

Download this article here.

Spicing up your life – the importance of knowing what you really REALLY want! 

How can you possibly achieve what you truly desire if you’re not clear about what it is? Think you know, but when you’re asked it’s just not clear or concise? Is close enough really good enough? Like playing darts, why aim for 20 points when you can score the bullseye? Whether you’re a busy leader balancing competing priorities, or a parent juggling the many roles you

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Are You Allowing Yourself To Achieve Greatness?

Written by Josie Thomson on June 29, 2013

So what does allowing have to do with enjoying a full, successful, healthy and happy life? Well, EVERYTHING actually!  It’s one thing to set goals or to set an intention for success in your life, but it’s an entirely other thing to ALLOW yourself to actually receive it.  Think about it.  Have you ever gotten so close to attaining something you’ve always wanted, only to back away right at the last minute?  It may have been a job promotion, an ideal relationship, an award,

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Fresh Starts… A Blank Canvas

Written by Josie Thomson on June 14, 2013

As many of you know, I’m changing my brand. 

That means an exciting (and scary!) blank canvas to move forward with… A time to create space for new things and leave behind confusion and doubt…

The last 12 months has been a period of significant change for me. Last year I began to question some of the things I was doing, I wanted to do things more effectively with more balance, focus and joy – and less chaos, confusion and doubt.

It’s been

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